How Does it Work?

After you authorize EventBot to access your Google Calendar account, EventBot will create a unique, unguessable email address for you (something like

Remember this address (by adding it to your address book or contacts in your email program, for example). Any time you send an email to this address, EventBot will try to interpret the subject line as an event description (using Google's Quick Add) and create that event in your Google Calendar.

EventBot never knows your Google Calendar username and password. All we store is a “token” from Google that can be used to create events on your calendar. EventBot will never use this token except in response to emails you send to your personal EventBot address. You can also revoke this token at any time (for example if someone else gets hold of your personal EventBot address, or you want to stop using EventBot) from your Google Account page.

Sounds good, sign me up!

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